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The Myers Cocktail originated in the 1950's by a physician named Dr. John Myers.  Both Dr. Myers and Dr. Alan Gaby are known for successfully treating thousands of patients with a wide range of symptoms over the years with this well known vitamin IV drip. 


Cocktail may help alleviate symptoms of:



-Rheumatoid Arthritis

-GI issues

-Chronic Sinusitis


-Vitamin Deficiencies

-Allergies and more!


How does it work?


Most diets today lack adequate nutritional value.  Even when we eat healthy, the foods we eat do not contain as much nutritional value as they once did.  When combined with digestive issues, it becomes even more difficult for our bodies to absorb what it needs from oral vitamins that are filled with low grade products and fillers.  When we are sick, whether it be acute or a chronic illness, our bodies require much higher doses of these vitamins to be able to function at an optimal level.


The standard Myers Cocktail vitamin IV drip contains safe and effective doses of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, and the B vitamins.   These vitamins are mixed in IV fluid and then administered by registered nurses via an intravenous (IV) catheter in our relaxing, physician supervised, IV Lounge.  The benefit of an intravenous route is that it bypasses the GI system, thus allowing 100% absorption of the vitamins and minerals by the cells that need it most! 


How often will I need the Myers Cocktail?

Frequency of IV therapy and booster shots vary for everyone. 


We review your health history and goals in order to recommend a schedule that works best for you.


Our vitamin IV drips can be customized to fit your needs!


Sometimes you may feel relief from your symptoms within the first 24 hours, whether it be a decrease in congestion,  pain, improved sleep, decrease in inflammation, or a energy boost! 


Ideally, we recommend to not wait until you feel completely depleted to return for another vitamin IV drip and instead use it as a monthly/quarterly maintenance or as a preventative measure.




$249. *Inquire about packages


This Cocktail may help Brighten Your Skin, helping your complexion to be more hydrated, healthy and clear.


Vitamin C to help boost collagen production

Add on Glutathione for a more powerful antioxidant known to detoxify cells, fade sun spots, decrease free radicals, and give your skin a healthy glow!





$249 *Inquire about Packages


The perfect blend of aminos, vitamins, and minerals known for muscle building and repair

-Vitamin C to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress

-Blend of B vitamins for energy

-Blend of  7 different Aminos to help enhance athletic performance, improve stamina, and repair musclesYou train like an athlete, why not give your body what it needs to recover.


May assist with maintaining and rebuilding muscle while providing the hydration you need to flush out lactic acid, prevent muscle soreness and help get you back in the gym!




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At the first sign of sickness

-To help reduce the length.


Our highest dose of Vitamin C IV to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress

-Blend of B vitamins to assist with energy and mood

-Zinc to help boost the immune system

-Selenium, an antioxidant that helps lower oxidative stress, reduces inflammation and enhances immunity


Super charge your immune system with our Super Immunity vitamin IV drip.  Loaded with our higher dose IV Vitamin C and other essential vitamins known to optimize your health and keep yourself healthy.