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Naturally increase and grow your eyelashes

Is the use of lengthening mascaras and fake lashes getting old or repetitive for you? What if there was a quick and easy approach to stimulate eyelash growth? You will be relieved to know that at Evolve MD Modern Med Spa we provide an excellent solution to this issue that enables you to naturally increase and grow the length of your eyelashes.

What Is Eyelash Growth Therapy?

At Evolve MD Modern Med Spa, we offer the most advanced eyelash growth treatments currently available on the market. At our location we make use of the Latisse eyelash growth therapy. Latisse is a topical treatment that promotes the growth of the patient’s own eyelashes and can be applied directly to the lashes from the comfort of your own home. This therapy encourages the growth of new eyelashes in addition to the growth of existing eyelashes in order to enhance the volume and appearance of your eyes.

How To Use Eyelash Growth Treatments

Latisse requires a very simple application. To start, Latisse is supposed to be used at night after you wash your face. It’s recommended for use on the upper eyelids, but not on the lower eyelashes.

When using Latisse, our medical experts suggest being extra careful not to touch the thin skin around your eyes. We also recommend using this product as directed by your experts.


Within a few weeks, you can see a 25% increase in the growth of your eyelashes. After only a few months, you can see the full effects, which include an increase in color, pigmentation, length, and volume. To keep getting results, you have to use the product regularly and as directed.

Contact Evolve MD Modern Med Spa To Learn More About Eyelash Growth Therapy

If you are interested in enhancing the length, thickness, and pigmentation of your eyelashes, please do not hesitate to contact our professionals here at Evolve MD Modern Med Spa. We will schedule a tailored consultation and treatment appointment for you at your earliest convenience!

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