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About O-Shot

The O-shot is a form of non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation — it involves using platelet-rich plasmas (PRPs) for vaginal tissue regeneration. The medical provider draws a sample of your blood, isolates the PRPs, and injects them in and around the vaginal tissues. PRP stimulates natural collagen production and cellular regeneration, thus reversing the effects of age on your sexual health. The O-shot can improve sexual intercourse and reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

The Positive Effects of O-Shot:

  • Increase vaginal sensations
  • Enhance clitoral stimulation
  • Improve libido
  • Improve orgasms
  • Tighten labial tissues
  • Improve urinary incontinence
  • Reduce pain and discomfort during intercourse
  • Increase the frequency of orgasms
  • Improve overall confidence

Advantages of O-Shot:

  • Non-surgical alternative to a traditional vaginal rejuvenation
  • Reverse the effects of age on sexual health and wellness
  • Painless and comfortable treatment
  • Minimal post-treatment redness and discomfort
  • Autologous treatment based on products derived from your body
  • No risk of infections or allergies
  • Concludes within 15 minutes
  • No downtime

How Does O-Shot Work?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) forms the basis of O-shot treatment. PRP is a concentrated serum derived from your blood. It contains a high concentration of growth factors, the components responsible for most of the healing activities in your body. When injected in and around the vaginal tissues, the growth factors in PRP stimulate collagen production, blood vessel formation, and cellular regeneration, essentially reversing the effects of age on your vaginal tissues.

The O-Shot Process

The O-shot process is fairly simple. The medical provider draws a small sample of your blood from your arm via a syringe. Your blood sample is placed in a centrifuge to isolate the PRPs that rise to the top of the vial as a golden-colored serum. The golden PRP serum is drawn into a syringe and carefully injected in and around your labial tissues. The entire process should conclude within 30 minutes.

Candidates for O-Shot:

  • Want to reverse the effects of age on vaginal tissues
  • Want to reverse the effects of menopause or childbirth on vaginal tissues
  • Want to improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence
  • Don’t want the invasiveness and downtime associated with traditional vaginal rejuvenation
  • Are physically and mentally healthy
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Don’t have active infections or open wounds in the treatment area

Side Effects & Downtime

The O-shot doesn’t involve major side effects. At most, you may experience mild post-treatment swelling, discomfort, and irritation in the treatment areas. There is no downtime, but you should refrain from sexual intercourse and tampon usage for a few days. There are no complications because the treatment is based on components derived from your body.

Results: Onset & Longevity

Some women experience instant results after the O-shot treatment. Others notice the results gradually over several weeks as their bodies produce new collagen fibers and vaginal tissues. The results are usually finalized after 3 months. Most patients repeat the procedure once a year — the results usually last for 14 to 18 months.

Why Choose Evolve MD?

Evolve MD Modern Med Spa is the premier boutique med spa specializing in non-invasive sexual wellness and aesthetic treatments in Port Orange. We believe sexual health is an essential component of your overall health and wellness. Our medical providers discuss your goals and concerns to curate personalized sexual wellness treatments using natural products. If you want to rejuvenate your sexual health, please schedule an appointment to explore your O-shot treatment options today.

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